What We Can Do For You

The Southern Outer Banks is a beautiful and unique place. Although our specialty is finding the fish, we realize this is a great place for families to visit too and as such, our business is a family oriented one. Since we believe that everyone should have a great deal of fun along the way, in addition to our regular hardcore fishing expeditions, we can also arrange trips and outings designed for your entire family. Call us for details...

What you should bring along for your trip:



Rain and/or wind gear
A cooler for your fish
Food & drink (water is always a good bet too)
You may bring your own tackle and rod and reel if you'd like, but I will provide you with top quality gear and tackle - FLY FISHERMAN MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TACKLE AND RODS, though.
  • Half Day Fishing Trips - For those who want to make a splash, catch some fish and be back on dry land in time for other activities, we offer half day trips of about 4-5 hours duration.  For half day trips, you can choose between the first half of the day (leaving around 6 AM), or the second half (leaving about 12 noon).  For night fishing trips, we usually leave around 6 PM.
  • Full Day Fishing Trips - For hard core fishermen who want to keep on catching them while they're biting.  The full day trips offer you the opportunity to do just that.  These trips generally range from 8-9 hours.  We leave the dock around 6 AM for the full day trip.
  • Local Tours - If you just want to admire the beautiful sights around the area by boat, this is the trip for you.  You'll have a chance to see the outer islands, horses, go shelling, swimming and maybe even drop a hook or two.  Tours are offered and priced according to your preference.  We take you to find the fish or to play in the sand, whichever strikes your fancy. 

Booking A Trip:

 Please provide your name, phone number and email address. If the trip must be cancelled due to weather, your trip will  be rescheduled to accommodate you if at all possible.  

Call 252-504-3139 or 252-342-6911 for Information and Reservations or Email Us!